My 100-Day Project is about releasing two unfinished projects by the end of Summer into people's hands. Finished, not perfect!

This is a bold and terrifying statement, I know. I’m already on my way there. Allow me to explain what this is about.

What is the 100-Day Project?

The 100-day project is a community project that was launched by Lindsay Jean Thompson several years ago and officially started for this year on February 18, 2024.

I wasn’t ready to jump in yet (plus I wasn’t sure I should) but I wanted to commit to finishing two projects I started last year. My official start date is April 1, 2024, and my end date is July 9, 2024.

This project is for artists, makers, and doers of all types to dedicate 100 days to something. It can be music, dance, art, building, or just showing up for yourself.

My Projects

I am currently working on two projects. One is a comic book, called Minda’s Ring, which I started back in August of last year and have still been working on the script of all things. See, I need to get my ish together with this one, and make more headway with it.

It’s about a wealthy heir who believes he can honor his father’s legacy by seeking a treasure deep within the ocean that belongs to no one but a God. And yet, he persists in his ill-gotten journey.

My second project is a children’s book called Love All Around, which is a collaboration between my friend Crystal Salas and me. This one is further along. I still have a ways to go, but it is something that I hold very near and dear as it shows God’s love through the eyes of the animals he created.

While the comic book Minda’s Ring is a solo venture, I do have people giving me feedback who have more hands-on knowledge of comics as well as critiques, who will be helping me with that project. For the children’s book, I am working with my friend who is the writer and creator of the work, while I am the illustrator.

What To Expect

I will be making monthly updates per project. I have other things I want to share in addition to keeping people up-to-date on my progress, but it will all tie into this effort.

Not only that, but I will be showing people how the comic process works, as well as the children’s book process. For some reason, these processes are very nebulous in how they are approached because there are so many ways to approach them.

There are standards that are needed to be followed more so with the children’s books that I’m learning about and want to condense, so others don’t have to sift through as much info.

My reason for doing this project is simple. I really want to finish what I start and have two finished products by the end of the year. I am notoriously bad at finishing things, but I’m seasoned at starting too many things.

This challenge is more about letting things go, i.e., releasing them into the world and improving the next thing. But I can’t make the next thing if I don’t finish what I start! I would love to see what other people are working on as well.

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